Emergency Preparedness

Oregon’s Health Security Preparedness and Response (HSPR) is an effort to anticipate, detect, assess, and understand the health risks and impacts of an emergency. We are here to translate this understanding into action to protect the public’s health and mitigate harm.

Local and state public health authorities have always played an important role in all phases of the emergency management system, including: preparedness planning and hazard mitigation, emergency response, and disaster recovery. This new level of commitment to public health preparedness improves local and state capacity to respond to any health emergency.


Create your own plan, create a kit, and get informed about disasters or event that can impact you. Examples of disasters include earthquakes, floods, storms, pandemics.


Please contact the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at


landscape photography of snow pathway between trees during winter

Baker County Health Department
8am-12pm; 1pm-5pm

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