Communicable Disease

“A communicable disease is an infectious disease that is transmissible by contact with infected individuals or their bodily discharges or fluids (such as respiratory droplets, blood, or semen), by contact with contaminated surfaces or objects, by ingestion of contaminated food or water, or by direct or indirect contact with disease vectors (such as mosquitoes, fleas, or mice).” -Merriam Webster Dictionary

Common communicable diseases include:

HepatitisTuberculosis (TB)Chlamydia


Vaccine Information: We carry Moderna (6mo-5yrs, 18 yrs. or older), Pfizer (ages 6mo-4yrs, 5yo-11yrs, 12yrs-17yrs, 18yrs and older), and Novavax (18 yrs or older). Contact the Health Department to schedule an appointment.
Print Vaccine Administration Record Form: English / Spanish

COVID Testing:

  • At-home tests available at the Health Department. Tests available at St. Luke’s by scheduling an appointment at 541-523-2111 or St. Alphonsus’s at 541-523-4415.
    Testing Centers
  • Report a Positive test result (at-home COVID-19 test): If you took a COVID-19 test at home and received a POSITIVE result, please report this to the Health Department by calling 541-523-8211.
  • Resources: Safe and Strong Oregon
  • Electronic Vaccine Card:

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Baker County Health Department provides confidential, low cost, STI infection screening. All information disclosed by clients is confidential.

STI tests done at BCHD:

Chlamydia & Gonorrhea: Urine Test
Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B and C: Blood Test
Testing is available Monday-Thursday.* Treatments are available Monday-Friday.
*Holidays may alter testing availability.

Community Education

Nurses are available to discuss the following topics with schools, youth programs, drug and alcohol program, and others by request:

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • HIV Prevention
  • Birth Control Methods
  • Safe Relationships

While all health information is kept private, additional steps can be taken to keep your appointment confidential. Please contact the Health Department if you have any questions.

Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Program
Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Disease Fact Sheets

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