Baker County Obstetrics Information

Prenatal and Postpartum Care

St. Luke’s Eastern Oregon Medical Associates continues to provide prenatal,
postpartum and newborn care to patients in Baker County. Providers will assist with establishing care with an OBGYN at a hospital of the patient’s choosing to schedule 20 week appointments, to schedule weekly appointments at 36 weeks and beyond, and to deliver the baby. St. Luke’s Eastern Oregon Medical Associates can be contacted at 541-523-1001.

Grand Ronde Hospital in La Grande offers OB-GYN services, in-office procedures and surgeries. You can visit their website or call the hospital at 541-663-3150.

St. Alphonsus Medical Center-Ontario offers maternity services. You can visit their website or call the hospital at 541-881-7000.

St. Luke’s Clinic in Idaho offers a variety of services for maternity care. You can visit their website to learn about the best location for what type of service you may need.


St. Luke’s Eastern Oregon Medical Associates can assist patients by
coordinating with local agencies to provide transportation to appointments outside Baker City. Additionally, Community Connection schedules rides through their Rides to Wellness program, which is available for those who don’t have other means to get to their appointments. Visit their website for the latest information or call 541-523-7433.

EOCCO also provides transportation services for individuals on the Oregon Health Plan. Please visit their website for more information or call toll-free 877-875-4657 to schedule transportation for a non-emergent medical appointment.


Baker County is working with St. Luke’s Community Health Worker and other
organizations to solidify lodging plans in La Grande. When lodging options are complete, more information will be provided.


Friends and family may be able to assist with watching child(ren) for a mother while a new baby is delivered. For those who need assistance, Safe Families for Children has non-compensated volunteers who provide safe homes to support families in our local communities. Please visit their website to learn the latest information.

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